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Typically, cable trays are the support systems that are used to support cable while also ensuring safety. There are several different types of cable trays available in the market, however, the most commonly used cable trays in UAE are cable ladders, snake cable tray and wire basket cable tray.

  1. Ladder cable trays

Ladder cable trays are among the most popular type of cable trays. They are ideal for cables and wires that are installed vertically. These cable trays have a unique design that is ideal for fiber cabling. It is recommended if you are looking for a space-saving system. Ladder cable trays also support heavy weights and thus, ladder cable trays are quite popular for industrial construction.

  1. Snake cable trays

The snake cable trays are the most flexible in their location as well as the structure. These versatile

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While most homeowners in GCC opt for glass partition or gypsum partition in Dubai to make their spaces look more spacious, there are other ways for the same.

Here are 5 ways to make your spaces look bigger and feel airy –

Let the light in: The best way to make your space look more spacious is to let the natural light come in. You can do this by increasing ventilation and by letting in as much air and light inside.

Light coloured walls: Paint your walls with light colors to make the space look bigger and airy. You can select colors like white and cream for an airy look.

Keep it clean: There are certain spots at homes that become dirty very easily. These forgotten spots need to be cleaned thoroughly to make the space look fresh

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Because open plan office spaces have become a very popular choice for modern businesses, office partitions are therefore becoming an essential feature of office fit-outs. The most common reason for this is the privacy provided to the employees so that they can concentrate on their work efficiently. You can contact a designer company for office partitions in Dubai and choose a style from the following. These are the most common styles


  1. Half-height office partitions: the half height or mid-height partitions are widely and successfully used variety of screens in workplaces. These partitions work up from the floor but stop a few meters short of the ceiling. These provide semi-enclose cubicles for staff in open plan offices.
  2. Floor-to-ceiling office partitions: If the work in your office require a quiet environment, you must consider to install full height partitions. These are

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Interior designer in dubai

Interior designing is an art of enhancing interiors using excellent design, decorations, color patterns, floor patterns etc to a created amazing environment for the user. Interior designing companies in Abu Dhabi,  considered elements of designs while designing interiors of a space. They are: –

Space-this is the basic thing to consider while designing the interiors, it acts as a foundation on which the entire design plan is built. interior designers should be very well aware of the space available, it’s dimensional before planning on developing a drawing.

Interior designer in dubai

Line-this can be divided into three types-horizontal, vertical and dynamic.  The designer uses horizontal lines for constructions like tables, chairs in bed. Vertical lines for windows and doors and horizontal lines are for safety and security feeling to space.

Forms-this is nothing but an outline of 3-d objects in

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Legal Consultant in Dubai

Dubai’s legal system is difficult to understand as it is very much complicated and strict. The legal consultants are highly skilled and professional and well versed with the local language. When you are starting a new business or already an owner of one, you may need a legal consultant.They can be of a great help to you. Out of the top law firms in Dubai, SM Law is one you can look upon. They are available online at http://www.smlawfirm.ae/



SM Law firm is the best law firm to approach in Dubai. It has a number of expert lawyers and consultant with experience of dealing with varied cases. You can contact them at http://www.smlawfirm.ae/. You may need legal assistance in several conditions. We have listed a few below.

  • An honest perspective

The owners or the senior employees invest a

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If you love fine art in your home décor, but have kids around who dominates your home, then it can be quite challenging to stay true with your fine art décor theme. You may want to show off that beautiful new fabric that you snagged on a trip, but are worried that your little one might convert it into his bib. However if you take the help of the interior design companies in Dubai, then they will tell you the many ways to display your gorgeous fine art collection when your kids are around. Some of  the kid friendly decor ideas include:

doll house

  •         Set up distractions

It can be really difficult to integrate sophisticated art into your home with kids around. But you need to think wisely and a bit creatively to smooth things out. According to the many interior

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Lawyers in Dubai

Commercial company laws in UAE

Lawyers at a Dubai firm like SM Law Firm can help their clients with all the required information about setting up a company.

Dubai has different laws for different types of companies and knowing the laws from a big company like the http://www.smlawfirm.ae/ helps the company owners in staying out of legal troubles.

Here are a few commercial business laws that every business person needs to know –

Top Lawyers in dubai

Top Lawyers in dubai

There are a few basics that ought to be followed when setting up a company in Dubai.

  • It is important to have an authorized license before setting up a commercial company. The license should cover all types of trading activities.
  • There should be a professional license in case of when professional services, artisans, craftsmen and/or other skilled professionals are involved.
  • The business owner

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Cakes in Dubai

Although cakes are an important part of any celebration, they have moved on to be much more than just that. Now, cakes are eaten as desserts also or simply when you feel like having some. This has led to a tremendous change in the cake industry also. Now, a variety of cakes with even more variety of cakes are available, more so in the case of cakes in Dubai.

Cakes in Dubai

Now, only expert bakers’ cakes in Dubai are preferred rather than any random baker, bakers which have a knack in creating unique, delicious yet healthy cakes. Such cakes also need to be in accordance with the taste of consumers and this is one of the qualities that sets expert and proficient bakers from all bakers.

Following is a list of some such best selling cakes in Dubai, speaking loudly on

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Dubai Online shopping


The thought of starting an online business can be very convincing, but implementing it in real life might be a tough job. When you are planning to start your own e-commerce website, things like free template, designing can be confusing

For increasing your sales and increasing your traffic on your web site, hire an expert Dubai online shopping web designer. Here are some of the reasons elaborating the need of hiring a web design expert:

Dubai Online shopping

Dubai Online shopping


SEO helps in both starting up a business and attracting ensuring traffic flow and establishing it successfully. A custom Website with a good product name and template design helps in achieving a good rank in search engines and online marketing. more customers know about the services your online store offers with the help of custom website because it is more

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dubai aluminium company

Yes, undoubtedly aluminum is recyclable yet environment-friendly. Creating the aluminum products is a bit complex procedure but as it can be melted and incredibly reformed into various shapes and sizes very easily, it has become the first choice of architects and builders. The love to work with aluminum has proliferated because It not only adds value to your property but also is great for our environment. Aluminum suppliers in Dubai adhere the highest standards and methods to use recycled materials. Usually, a metal has a particular life as it loses some of its properties while recycling and eventually a time comes when it no longer has the potential to be recycled. But aluminum can be recycled for the lifetime again and again as it doesn’t lose its inherent qualities undergoing the recycling process.


Raise in demands of aluminum products have